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Yuletide Tradition

A treasured tradition that dates back centuries involving the careful selection of the Christmas tree, the positioning, and its decoration, so as to build an atmosphere for the globally celebrated holiday which really adds something to the home in which it is placed. But for this Spruce, Pine, or Fir, if naturally selected is considered for its timeline and beauty.

A lot of people end the year with this tradition, and it is my believe that nuggets can be drawn from this tradition; which can positively narrow ones focus and straighten ones path. As the curtains of the year draws to a close, we instinctively take to account how we spent the year – cataloguing achieved and unrealized goals. With this, we begin by making a new set of list in our minds or document in some physical or digital form new goals which may involve carryover goals, and look forward to bring these new goal to fruition in the forth coming year. We hope that with enough willpower, we can see this list become reality…


A young lad with dreams among folks, oh! I meant wolves,
Always looking at the big picture; yet unknown how he would attain his goal,
Pondering on this thought and striving to build it to reality,
The path is suddenly made dark by those he considered being his folks;
They say to him words like, “wake up dreamer!” and as they scorn, they unknowingly expose their own realities saying, “Don’t get too creative around here, for there is no room for that kind down here.”
How does the popular quote put it, I guess it says, “show me your friend and I would tell you who you are,” but it actually goes this way, “show me your friend and I would tell you were you are going.”
A year passes, so does another and while time progresses, he discerns that his reality has suddenly been tainted by those around him. For he continually entertains the words
“… Where you are going?"
Like an apparition, he sees the futility of the endless circle of rut and despair, brought about by the falsehood of those…