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A young lad with dreams among folks, oh! I meant wolves,
Always looking at the big picture; yet unknown how he would attain his goal,
Pondering on this thought and striving to build it to reality,
The path is suddenly made dark by those he considered being his folks;
They say to him words like, “wake up dreamer!” and as they scorn, they unknowingly expose their own realities saying, “Don’t get too creative around here, for there is no room for that kind down here.”
How does the popular quote put it, I guess it says, “show me your friend and I would tell you who you are,” but it actually goes this way, “show me your friend and I would tell you were you are going.”
A year passes, so does another and while time progresses, he discerns that his reality has suddenly been tainted by those around him. For he continually entertains the words
“… Where you are going?"
Like an apparition, he sees the futility of the endless circle of rut and despair, brought about by the falsehood of those who failed; failed at their own dreams, failed to take that extra step to become more than their circumstance, failed and eventually failed themselves and in wickedness failed their generation by manipulating them to accept their own futility; until it sadly became the reality they were born to see - total darkness.
Seeing through this mirage created was like a sudden glimpse of light to this lad, one which he looked at, like he had never seen before. Earnestly looking, wondering and finding a path created by that light, though dim at first,
He finds out that the luminosity is dependent on certain factors, one out of which this light warns those who can see; unfortunately some see but due to sentimental attachment, no fear! Decide to hang on to that darkness until the light is gone. But those who heed its warning, who are just bold to let go, increases this luminosity which guides them to the first light of dawn.
Yet, what is this one warning, among many which exists? What is this factor that one has to let go? For whatever it may be, a careful examination reveals it to you.
A poet by his stage name ‘Propaganda’ at the P4CM, 2012, once said, “How loud does an alarm need to be to wake a dead man.” Never be afraid to let go of what appears to be a folk but at the end a foe. It’s a process, but stay on the path and you would eventually see the dawn.


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