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Spiritual indifference

It is an ever-so-gradual damping of your zeal and spiritual fervor;
It is an ever-so-subtle fading of your love for the lord;
It is an ever-so-gradual cooling of your spiritual flame;
It is an ever-so-subtle distraction that shifts your focus from the field and gives room for the enemy to plant tares;
It is as silent and subtle like a slow moving shadow. One minute you are sitting under the sun engaged and enjoying its warmth and radiance. Then suddenly you feel cool, and look up to realize you been sitting in the shade for some time and the sun and its warmth have long passed;
It is spiritual indifference.
An online post by the Peninsular Florida District council defines spiritual indifference or apathy as: the detrimental spiritual quality of knowing what to do, or what is necessary, but being unwilling to take the necessary steps in that direction.

The story of Uzziah in 2 chronicles 26 is a vivid account of spiritual indifference. Here was a young man who started out as a great king and my goodness! He had an outstanding record of achievements. He conquered territories, rebuilt cities, had an ‘ideal’ administration, and an army ready for war. That’s why I said he was a great king. But from verse 16 another account of his life was documented, “He had become so powerful, his pride led to his downfall.”

As humans we work so we can have/leave things we can be attributed to on the external but as much as we work towards these things, we should not allow these things distract us from the eternal. For no matter how high God places you, always remember that He placed you there.

Uzziah’s pride did not surface within a day; it was something that gradual crept in. He may not have been seeking God the way he once did;

He may not have been diving into the word the way he once did – Psalm 119: 105;
He may have stopped enjoying the company of believers like he once did – Hebrews 10: 24 - 25
He definitely would have stopped delighting in quiet walks and talks with God the way he once did, for if he did, he would have kept God’s command. Verse 16 – 18.

Like Uzziah, you may have been in the shadow a long way from the Son, and you don’t know how you got there or how your heart became so cold. Well, good news, you can still come to the light. All you need do is ask God to help you locate and sever whatever is keeping you in the shadow. And be ready He can use anyone to open your eyes. Ask for grace not to be defensive but teachable when they tell you. Ask for the grace to face and crush it daily. And ask for the grace to keep the faith.

Sharing is caring. Have a blessed week.

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