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Happy Father's Day

Variants of this theme have been written over time to celebrate this day and I may not be able to fully express it as to resonate with the moment. And though I may barely be able to express my gratitude, and although all I have to say might seem really small when expressed in writing - as I currently do. I can assure you that within me are welled up an ocean of gratitude for all you have done for me Dad.

For you encourage me whenever I fall to get up;
You support and disciplined me whenever I strayed;
And with words of love you patiently directed me;
You provided me with nuggets of wisdom to stay the course, even when the current seems overwhelming;
You sacrifice and endured challenges in order to support me;
You showed me the value of patient when needed, as well as aggression when required;
And in your own way you encourage me to trust in God by practicing what you preach;
These and more I will always appreciate and cherish.
And yes variants of this theme have been written overtime, however having a dad like you makes this day worth celebrating.

So with gratitude to God for this opportunity, I am proud to say, Happy Father’s day to the world’s greatest Dad.


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