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I recently used the word ‘common’ when addressing an issue and after settling it, I began to relate it to how society uses this term in one its synonym which is ‘usual.’ From a moral perspective, some things which are wrong in today’s society are given a pass and now termed ‘usual.’ Hard drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, and other disturbing acts are unfortunately given support by instituted authority.
For any number of reasons, it is easy to say that these things are needed in society, but I’d like to pose a question which I believe a lot have thought of as well, “If an act is common, is it also acceptable?”
I was listening to a Singaporean pastor named Joseph Prince on air and he said something in passing that stuck with me, he said these words before returning to his initial path of thought; “that the opposite of holiness is common.” As I pondered on these words later on, I came across Roman 1: 18 - 32, these verses clearly draw a line as thick as opposite cardinal points between the commonality the world approves and the trait God intends for us to walk in, which is holiness.

What is holiness?
Holiness is not timidity, neither is it found in religion, holiness I believe is patterning moments of our daily lives according to God’s word.
In holiness, we (believers) would not approve of societal ills nor suppress the truth as the wicked, but stand for the truth – Romans 1: 18
In holiness, family and societal values are not downgraded to accept the errors the wicked approve but, it is maintained and developed to glorify God – Ephesians 6: 1- 9, Proverbs 22:6
In holiness, Christians would not be timid of their faith within and/or outside their circles of influence/involvement but would be bold with their scepter of authority to lead in godliness. – Genesis 1: 26, Ephesians 1: 18 – 21

Side Note
As a side note, I am aware that many find themselves at crossroads and at such moments attempt to find peace within these ills, but it is evident that they are only taken away for a moment and later on, theses challenges return worse than they left. We serve a God whose ways are not ours and it is definite that challenges must come. It is therefore necessary to follow the Father, for when we follow; we are guided by his will. Our Heavenly Father is caring and loving and He would not misguide those who come before his presence.

I believe that everyone is accountable to their generation and the generation that follows and if the ills permitted now are approved to the next generation, we can only but imagine what would become of the generation that follows. It is therefore necessary to stand in holiness and in wisdom guide those we are responsible for; for this is what we’ve been mandated to do.

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