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The Perfect Coat

As we set sail to a New Year, we lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes; we chart the waters with the guides of our past and a hope for great feats to our name. There may or would be turmoil waves and our course might change, but the destination we must stay true to.

On the path which Joseph was destined to tread for him to be who his dreams had revealed, he was stripped of his coat twice. The first was when his brothers stripped the lovely coat his father had given him, shredded it, and dipped it in blood (Genesis 37: 19 – 35). The second was when Potiphar’s wife held his cloak, to make him sin but He let go and fled (Genesis 39: 7 – 21). If He had a choice, He would have never bargained for both situations.
I believe when He was stripped of his coat the first and the second time, He must have been hurt. For no one would find such a situation pleasant. The people who he should have found comfort being around betrayed him and when He was beginning to find his footing in a strange country, He was falsely accused the second time. But there is something about the knowledge and understanding of God’s word that guides the path of those that are his.
When He was sold, the Lord was with him and He found favour in the sight of whom He was sold to (Genesis 39: 2 - 6). When put in prison, the lord showed him kindness and favoured him in the eyes of the prison warder (Genesis 39: 20 - 23). And as he stayed in the presence of God, the Lord guided him to interpret the dream of the most powerful man. This monarch whose dream Joseph interpreted, adorned him with the Third coat and made Him second-in-command in a strange nation. His decisions eventually saved nations and His kin and placed him above his former master (Portiphar).
So no matter the nature of the path, stay faithful in your walk with God. He would guide you and adorn you with a coat that brings joy. Happy New Year!


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