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Lots of Christians find themselves at a crossroad when they deeds of their past cuts across their minds. Most of those who are trapped by this are unaware of Christ's finished works on the cross. I like the way Steve Farrar in his book Finishing Strong puts it, he said, “Tell me: when Jesus died on the cross, how many of your sins were future? The obvious answer is all of them. Because when Jesus died on the cross, you were future – and so was I.”

Romans 5: 16 – 21 shows two major things, firstly, that by on man’s sin, who was Adam, judgment followed and brought condemnation to all men and secondly, in the same pattern the finished works on the cross by our Lord Jesus Christ brought justification to all men that believe.

Therefore, it is an error as a child of God to hold to the thought that you have not been forgiven. Hebrews 10: 17 puts it this way, “And their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.” Since Jesus Christ has paid this price in full, we should be confident within us that we are treated not according to our sins but according to grace.

From the beginning of this write-up, I have emphasized that the abundance of God’s grace is given to believers. So one many ask, “what if I have not dedicated my life to God and I want this gift?” well, it is simple, I encourage you to come to Jesus Christ by saying the prayer below and mean it from your heart to God.

“Heavenly father, thank you for washing away my sins on the cross, I believe with all my heart that Jesus died for my sins, and you raised Him from the dead. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord therefore I am saved and I am a born again child of God. Thank you for saving me in Jesus name. Amen”

If you have said this prayer, then congratulations! Go to a bible believing church nearest to you, and personally study and equip yourself with the word of God.

Confidently enjoy the week ahead.


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