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In today’s modern society were science and technology and rationality in general is common, miracles have been termed by many as fictitious. This rationality from my view is unjustified. For people with such a thought process judge its interpretation only within the domain of rationality.
My profession is within the domain of critical thinking, so I cannot debunk this school of thought. But, the facet which people should also appreciate should cover the things many tag as “trivial”. Things that happen in the strangest of ways, like people who are passing by meeting our needs, dear friends who are there for us at the strangest of times, and total strangers who ride the tough tides with us for our benefit. These situations may be tagged as kindness, compassion or the use of some other synonym, but in most cases, the desire to intervene even when it is not to the benefit of the one intervening should be something to reflect on. For humans are selfish by nature.
A non-natural phenomenon must not occur or something outside the domain of critical thinking to happen before we believe. Miracles happen and this is an angle I believe many should also see.
Wishing you a week filled with miracles.


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